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10 Cute and Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Woman

1. Waterfall Braid Elegant, relaxed and perfect hairstyle when you are late-what else do you need? If you are good at French weaving, this kind of weaving will be easy. Source: youbeauty 2. TWISTED CROWN BRAID TUTORIAL This one is very suitable for those who have natural curly hair. It’s too easy! Let’s try. Source: …


5 Ways To Whiten Skin With Baking Soda

Hi all, Baking soda is used for various DIY recipes. Most frequently it is used as a skin whitening ingredient. Baking soda does not have any direct skin whitening effect. But, it does a lot of other things to keep the skin bright and beautiful. It exfoliates dead cells, unclogs pores, keeps bacterial infections away, …